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Tri AC: Operation Aquabike

The last time I competed in the Atlantic City Triathlon, I did the full Olympic distance and the temperature was around 98 degrees with a real feel of 110. It was hot, there was no breeze and I will never forget the feeling of how that heat felt.

My favorite part of choosing a race at the Jersey Shore, is staying at my families house in Sea Isle City and bringing my pup, who may enjoy the sand more than any human I know. He hates the water and the entire concept of getting wet, but the sand is his love.

At check in, we always enjoy the people and the atmosphere, so we brought the pup to check in to give good luck barks, kisses and tail wags to everyone he greeted.

Another favorite race series, is Delmosports. They ALWAYS do a phenomenal job with not only your race experience, but also your race day experience. I love how efficiently the check in process is run and how friendly the volunteers are. Sidenote: always thank your volunteers. They ARE a big deal and they do it for the love of you, triathlon, and I am always thankful.

After check in, it was time to get my bike racked in transition and left for the overnight (minus the water bottles). Always in my water bottles goes my Xrcel. I talk about Xrcel in some of my other blog posts, but it really is a solid go-to product that helps significantly with my triathlon performance.

The swim was one of my favorite's of the year and I had a personal best time of 24:58. For one of the first times, I didn't feel a current push against me or push me down the open water way. It was also a really cool experience with an in-water timing apparatus that allowed times to be pushed to those tracking you in real time.

Next the bike and I only had one goal: GO FAST. This race was my second time using my new Quintana Roo and I was excited to see what I could do on a relatively flat course. This ride pushed me to a new max speed of 27.4 mph and an average moving speed of 20 mph. I ended up completing the bike in 1:11:38 and an average bike speed of 18.8 mph. A new personal best.

I completed the race and thankfully it wasn't a hot and humid day. After the race, I took the shuttle up to the run end and also where the results section was located. I met my fellow teammate, Leann.

I ended up finishing first in my age-group! Of course I celebrated on stage.

With a quick several of days off, we are not on our way to Maine for the Ironman Maine 70.3...

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