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Below are some of my latest and most meaningful writing projects. Each piece is unique in style and content, representing a distinct moment in my career. If you have any questions or are interested in collaborating, please contact me.



13 Rules for ICU Nursing offers a different framework for skills often not acquired during nursing school. Writer and clinical instructor, Dr. Nicole Sunderland draws from her students feedback and own experiences to offer invaluable lessons for the student nurse, new graduate nurse, and experienced nurses stepping into critical care.

This book helps answer the need for skills necessary to be a charge nurse, skills for overcoming self-doubt, skills driving the importance of prioritizing time and so much more. With over 10 years of clinical nursing knowledge, teaching and research leading to the creation of this book, you are sure to find something of value to add to your career.

Reading Cross-Legged

January, 10 2023

The written word is posited to be one of the earliest forms of innovation, yet oral and visual storytelling goes back even further. That is because stories connect people across cultures and generations. For nurses to connect with patients, communities, administrators, or policy makers, we need to emphasize storytelling’s importance in healthcare—and innovation—and teach nurses the fundamentals of the art of telling stories earlier in their careers....

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The Virtual Clinical Podcast

March 2020 and ongoing

Born out of necessity during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Virtual Clinical Podcast came to full production after nursing student's clinical's turned virtual. As the world shut down, clinical experiences turning virtual, student's did not want the special moments of virtual clinical to end, and so, The Virtual Clinical Podcast was created. 

The first season's first three episodes are student's after their clinical setting, interviewing nurses and their careers. The episodes thereafter, are one on one conversations with nurses at different stages in their careers.

Join in, as I bring in nurses to discuss their journeys to help you on your journey on becoming the nurse you've always envisioned.

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